AVS plays a crucial role within the EigenLayer ecosystem. The benefit of using EigenLayer in AVS is that it incorporates a high-value asset ETH in its economic model. This prevents the consensus layer from being easily compromised by malicious actors. However, ensuring the security of AVS goes beyond this. It is equally important to have a decentralized network of operators providing restake services. If a small number of operators control the majority of restaked positions, the security of AVS cannot be guaranteed. (Read more about “Operator Collusion” risk in EigenLayer WhitePaper)

Therefore, a sufficiently decentralized Operator network is the foundation for Eigenlayer to provide secure services to AVS.

Euclid’s operator network enables greater participation from open and permissionless operators, minimizing the need for trust in a single Operator. Through Eclid, AVS can significantly reduce the risk of operator collusion attacks and enhance decentralizing by leveraging both curated and permissionless sets of operators.

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