ECL is the governance token of Euclid Finance. The total supply is 100,000,000.


Airdrop - 15%

The community has been allocated a total supply of 15% for the Airdrop, with 10% allocated to Restakers and 5% allocated to Operators. Without the strong support of the community and users, there would be no Euclid.

Restakers Airdrop - 10%

The 10% Airdrop allocated to Restakers will be distributed in batches. The first distribution will occur one month after the TGE, where 3% will be allocated proportionally based on accumulated E-Points up to the point of Airdrop distribution. Subsequently, distributions will occur over three quarters, with 3%, 2%, and 2% respectively, based on the E-Points at those times. Each airdrop will require a 12-month vesting period for unlocking. Any unclaimed Airdrop will ultimately be returned to the Treasury to support further development of Euclid.

Vesting schedule: 12 months linear vesting after distribution.

Operators Airdrop - 5%

The 5% allocated to Operators will be directly distributed to existing EigenLayer testnet Operators. However, the distribution will be contingent upon Operators completing the Euclid Operator Campaign tasks. Additionally, for the first three months after the TGE, the Operator portion of the Airdrop cannot be sold and can only be used for participation in the Euclid network. Detailed rules will be announced subsequently.

Vesting schedule: 3 months cliff and 6 months linear vesting after distribution.

IDO - 26.33%

The 26.33% of tokens will be allocated to the public sale. This ensures a wide distribution of the tokens and active participation in the ecosystem development by Euclid native token holders.

Vesting schedule: 20% initial unlock followed with 6 months linear vesting.

Marketing - 3.67%

The 3.67% of tokens will be allocated to the Euclid marketing expansion activities, including marketing campaigns and eco collaborations. This ensures that Euclid has good exposure in the market, which will attract more users and TVL to our platform.

Vesting schedule: 20% initial unlock followed with 9 months linear vesting.

Genesis Liquidity Bootstrap - 8%

The 8% will be fully unlocked at TGE. They will be paired with WETH and deposited as liquidity to support ECL swaps at launch. The unused ECL will be returned to the treasury due to the IDO raise.

Vesting schedule: Fully unlocked at TGE

Operators Incentives - 20%

As an integral part of the Tranched Delegation Framework, 20% will be allocated to continuously incentivize Euclid's Operator network. Operators receiving greater benefits are more likely to attract additional Operators to join Restaking, thereby enhancing the stability and security of Restaking.

Vesting schedule: 24 months linear vesting.

Treasury - 12%

12% of total ECL supply will be allocated to the Treasury. The treasury will be used mainly for incentivizing the adoption of elETH across the on-chain DeFi protocols.

Vesting schedule: 24 months linear vesting.

NGAD/Advisors - 15%

NGA DAO incubated Euclid Finance, alongside Equilibria Finance and Artemis Finance, managing a combined TVL of over $150M. Of this, 15% of the allocation will be distributed to NGA DAO and advisors. Tokens allocated to NGA DAO will directly enter NGA DAO's Treasury, managed by Equilibria, Artemis and Euclid Protocol users and core DAO members. Therefore, from another perspective, Euclid has no Pre-Sale and no Team allocation, making it a purely Fair Launch.

Vesting schedule: 3-month cliff, followed with 21-month vesting.

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